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Technical Marine  

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The Technical Marine Institute was founded in 2012 to serve the education and training needs of the marine industry.  Our mission revolves around technology and its' use as a safety and management tool for marine operators.  With the convergence of technologies within the marine industry, what used to be separate is now combined.  We have data sharing between systems, between users and between the vessel and the home office.  The connected boat has implications beyond current usages and as these technologies evolve, Technical Marine Institutes mission will continue to be the proper use of technology 

systems aboard to increase vessel safety and efficiency.  With this mission in mind, TMI is proud to announce our course on Compliance with the Great Lakes Agreement.  This course will describe the current requirements for carriage of various types of commercial vessels within the Great Lakes region, including the rivers.  Learn what is required now and what is coming soon.

Does your vessel have an AIS carriage requirement?  If not, chances are it will soon.  The Great Lakes Agreement also requires carriage of an Emergency Communications Battery.  During this half day course we will give you the information you need to prepare for a smooth transition to the future regulation compliance. Call Technical Marine Institute today at 847-746-0100 for more information about the Great Lakes Agreement Compliance Course as well as other training courses available. 

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