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 Recreational vessels have a special place in the boat business. There is nothing quite as fun as messing around in boats.  The lure of the sea and the draw of the allure, cause some unprepared individuals to just dive right in.  Spending time on the water is rewarding in many ways and to do so safely is paramount.  Just because you are out for a joy ride or cruising on vacation with your family, doesn't mean that the dangers are not present.  The number one cause of sinking is fire and the number one cause of fire is improperly fused wiring.  At Technical Marine, our mission is to keep you and your vessel

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 safe while both underway and at dock.

Since most marinas have WIFI and with the proliferation of 3G, 4G and GSM cellular networks, tethering your boat thru the internet is a aural addition to marine electronics systems.  The connected boat has vast implications for safety and efficiency of vessel operation.  Smart boats know when their batteries are too hot or their bilge pump is running on.  Smart boats know when maintenance is due and can detect failures or premature maintenance needs.  When your boat is connected, you know if the air conditioning is running, or if it is in need of cleaning.  Taking on contaminated fuel can be detected and corrected before disaster strikes.  By monitoring and recording all critical data on the vessel, operating costs are reduced, safety is increased and enjoyment sky rockets.

Any day boating is better than a day at work, right?  Well if your boat is working, yes, but arriving at your boat to find a flooded bilge, rotten fridge or dead battery can take some of the thrill out of it.  Worse yet, with precious little time to use your boat, a layup could mean missing the chance you have in your schedule to actually use your boat.  Having the peace of mind, knowing that your boat is secure and safe and ready to use adds value to the boating experience that is beyond compare.

Technical Marine's mission is safe fun.  A pleasure boat is meant to be fun and we all know how to have big fun with our boats.  Safety is key.  It is easy to lose sight of the fact that one of your least expensive accessories, the VHF radio, is the one that your life could depend on.  A well found boat is a safe boat, and when emergencies occur on board, you need to trust your equipment to perform.  Failure to confirm proper operation of safety equipment on board can be a fatal mistake.  One guy I never invite to the party, but who always shows up is Mr Murphy.  He has a law that says that anything that can go wrong will. Trust Technical Marine to ensure that your cruises will always be the pleasurable experience they should be.

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