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Technical Marine understands the special needs of government clients.  The marine division of some entities is obscure and misunderstood.  Whether your needs are law enforcement, search and rescue, survey, transportation or special purposes, let us guide you through the process of equipping your vessel with marine electronics.  From the funding process through support and training, Technical Marine can help you with grant writing, system design, equipment specification, installation, personnel training, documentation and support.  We know that funding can be uncertain and that timing is 

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Technical Marine  

Please contact Technical Marine for a free initial consultation. Experienced representation is just a phone call away.

sometimes critical and subject to change.  We work with you to be flexible to your needs.  Whether a funding delay, weather or other issues, when custom solutions are called for, we can deliver efficient solutions and alternatives to allow you to complete your mission in a timely and efficient manner.

Technical Marine has installed marine electronics on vessels for all levels of government from local municipalities to federal government boats.  FCC licensed and NMEA and ABYC trained technicians perform installations that meet or exceed US Coast Guard regulations, IMO requirements, ABYC and NMEA standards as well as local and regional rules and regulations.  Technical Marine provides inspections for marine radiotelephone requirements for the FCC.  If you need a technology solution for your marine unit, call Technical Marine at 847-746-0100 to discuss how we can work together to give you the capabilities you need within the budget you have. 

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