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Technical Marine  

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long term needs of for vessels and planning for staged upgrades to existing systems prior to new carriage requirements.  Trust Technical marine to provide the documents and training you need to thrive in todays regulatory environment.

Low water levels present a special challenge for inland vessel transport.  We can't make it rain, but we can keep your vessel from running aground.  Technical Marine now offers a scout boat package, allowing the deep draft vessel to launch a Scout boat equipped with the latest WASSP sonar equipment to run ahead of the main ship delivering real time bathymetric data in time for critical decisions to be made.

This season promises to be a boom for dredging and surveying. With demand at a peak, time will be of the essence and your ability to complete a survey in less time will mean more surveys complete and more money for your operation.  The perfect solution is WASSP, the Wide Area Sonar and Seabed Profiling system now available in a super accurate survey version.  This new technology is revolutionizing the survey world with realtime overlay on to basic navigation charts.  These sonars cast a very wide beam across the seabed, allowing accurate readings across 2 to 3 times your depth.  This means that a 20 foot deep channel can be painted in 60 foot wide strokes, allowing the survey to be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional single beam systems. 

Now is the time to upgrade your sonar system to the super accurate and affordable Furuno WMB 160S WASSP sonar. Improvements in technology and compatibility with legacy data libraries, the transition to WASSP means you have the state of the art equipment that offers the best efficiency and accuracy for todays inland and harbor entrance sounding needs.  Whether you need a shallow water sweep system or a centimeter accuracy scientific survey vessel, Technical Marine delivers a calibrated system with training and support to enable you to harness this technology quickly. 

Commercial Products and Services

Technical Marine sells the finest commercial marine electronics equipment available anywhere in the world.  From basic navigation and radar to fully compliant SOLAS vessels, Technical Marine delivers safety and efficiency that are the hallmarks of technology's best uses.  The heart of any safety system on a boat is the marine radar.  Furuno radars have a proven track record of reliability and performance in commercial applications.  Technical Marine sells and installs Furuno radars, including integration to your legacy products.  Substantial savings can be achieved by evaluating the short and 

The Finest Marine Electronics