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Technical Marine sells the finest commercial marine electronics equipment available anywhere in the world.  From basic navigation and radar to fully compliant SOLAS vessels, Technical Marine delivers safety and efficiency that are the hallmarks of technology's best uses.

Technical Marine Support , Inc. provides a wide range of services.  Our expertise is technology solutions for marine vessels.  With decades of experience and connections throughout the marine industry, Technical Marine is a great choice to address your marine electronics needs.  With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of devices for accessing it, new and useful capabilities have evolved.  Meeting the requirements for your regulatory environment should be just the beginning of deploying technology on your vessels.  Operational efficiencies are being realized by those who are willing to invest in training and configuration of existing equipment.  Working hand in hand with partners like Furuno USA, FLIR, Simrad and others, we deliver solutions that work.  FCC licensed, insured and trusted, Technical Marine Support, Inc. services include FCC inspections, radar repair, training, sales, design, installation and integration of most of the systems found on commercial vessels.

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Recreational vessels have a special place in the boat business. There is nothing quite as fun as messing around in boats.  The lure of the sea and the draw of the allure, cause some unprepared individuals to just dive right in.


Technical Marine understands the special needs of government clients.  The marine division of some entities is obscure and misunderstood.  Whether your needs are law enforcement, search and rescue, survey, transportation or special purposes, let us guide you through the process of equipping your vessel with marine electronics.


The Technical Marine Institute was founded in 2012 to serve the education and training needs of the marine industry.  Our mission revolves around technology and its' use as a safety and management tool for marine operators.  With the convergence of technologies within the marine industry, what used to be separate is now combined.